Interior design of DILIGHT the light salon

Lviv | 2017 | Turnkey

Interior design of DILIGHT the light salon

Interior design of DILIGHT the light salon was executed by our specialists in a modern style. The color palette of the interior consists of white, various shades of light and dark brown, gray, and black. The spacious room was skillfully divided into several zones — an exhibition hall for visitors, an office, and a relaxation area. Overall, the light salon design impresses with its dynamism and functionality. Zoning is achieved through shelves of original design. The ceiling design has a complex geometric shape, several levels are used for product presentation. Light fixtures are mounted on a black metal grille or on a protrusion of the ceiling made of plasterboard. Adjacent walls contrast with white and dark gray colors.

To showcase small electrical goods, such as sockets, we selected special white stands that stand out clearly against the background of the light-brown lamella made of natural wood with white inserts. On the sides, this area is framed by the same lamella, arranged vertically.

The opposite wall is decorated with dazzling white panels of square shape, visually divided by gray-brown stripes on the wall to which they are attached. The salon floor is made of graphite-colored Cerrad porcelain stoneware. Opaque white decorated glass serves as sliding doors.

For the convenience of visitors, a zone with a soft sofa and a table is provided, where you can consult with a manager in a calm atmosphere, familiarize yourself with catalogs placed on the shelves. Here is a modern designer chair, a soft sofa in graphite tones, and a loft-style table. The wall is decorated in the form of regularly repeating relief pyramids. This area creates a sense of comfort and status.

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