At all stages of design and construction works



We will assist in developing and implementing the basic draft stages of work even before the building is put into operation and before the start of repair work.

Development of planning solutions

We offer to create the layout of your future home during the construction phase, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses after the building is handed over with standard planning and save money, as the developer centrally builds interior walls in the apartments, and you don’t need to hire separate craftsmen to do this work.

Engineering communications plans

After finalizing the redesign decisions, we can develop a package of drawings for engineering communications such as plumbing, sewage, heating, and electrical systems. During construction work, these plans can be provided to the developer for individual apartments, and the developer can carry out these centralized works for multiple units. This will help save on material procurement and delivery, as well as on labor costs. Implementing this at the construction stage can save several months of renovation work after the building is handed over.

Technical support

Technical specialists of our company will always communicate with the developer’s sales and technical supervision department to implement your project at the construction stage, as well as accept the work after it is carried out. You don’t have to go to the site, just meet with us a few times in the office to agree on the details of your future home.


We offer comprehensive project work from basic sketches, 3D visualization to technical and estimate documentation

Consulting services

We offer a consulting service when buying a home or at the stage of its construction, in order to decide on the right concept before starting large-scale actions. The consultation can take place online or at the site itself, or at a meeting in the office. It will include a discussion of existing or future planning, the quality of construction, and the progress of upcoming repairs. Any questions of interest to the customer can also be discussed.

3D design

Our team knows all available 3D design methods, both architectural and interior. We can offer photo realistic visualizations of the interior, as well as the facade of the House. In our visualizations, we only use models of existing materials or products for future purchases from suppliers. We also use 3D tours and spherical visualizations to provide more visual coverage of the project.

Development of documentation

The architects of our company develop a package of accurate drawings for the implementation of the future interior, according to the developed visualizations. Our architects with deep experience and understanding of all repair processes develop a convenient package of drawings for the contractor, as well as provide full support for repair work with answers to all questions from contractors and subcontractors

Estimated documentation (BOQ)

After creating a complete design project, our project manager develops an estimate of all used materials, furniture and other finishing materials used in the project visualizations, we create full support for the search, purchase, and logistics of these materials to the object. Everything will be delivered on time, safely and at the best prices on the market thanks to cooperation with other suppliers.


We will help you bring your project to life, no matter how difficult or creative it may be. At all stages of its implementation, we provide full support and guidance.

Project development

Our team provides full-scale design development for residential and commercial spaces. We offer a comprehensive interior solution from conceptual design to photorealistic 3D visualization. Throughout the project development, a dedicated team of developers works, including a project manager, architect, designer, and visualizer. VIP projects are handled by a separate team capable of tackling complex tasks and meeting the demands of discerning clients.

Quick implementation

Our team is engaged in the full implementation of the design project. Our technical specialists are engaged in full support of repair works, subcontractors and contractors have been working closely with our company for decades, so we can offer a fast, high-quality, comprehensive and optimal solution for any project. Whether it is a project of an apartment for rent, commercial premises, or VIP class housing

Supply of materials

With us, you can be sure that all the materials, furniture, lighting and other things that you will see on the visualization you will be able to see live in the completed renovation of your object. Over the years, we have developed a scheme of work according to which everything that the client sees or hears during cooperation with us will be 100% realized during the repair work on the site. Our team will help you with the delivery of all materials, logistics, storage, inspection during delivery to the site, and advice during installation.

Post-project support

After the project is completed and all repair and construction works are completed, our team provides post-project support. We support your project for a whole year and answer questions about the use of certain materials, technical means, and so on. This is actually a warranty period after all work is completed for the safe and effective use of all ideas and elements in your project


We are a team of like-minded people who will help you create the most creative projects. We have more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing turnkey projects. We can perform any task due to the fact that:

– All designers of our studio with architectural education
– All employees of our studio are time-tested with dozens of objects
– We work exclusively under the contract
– At the expense of a large staff, we are ready to take on the largest projects without worrying about quality and deadlines
– Commerce or a cozy home – we will help you at all stages!


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